…incessantly in time since 1920...

The history of the family business begins back in 1920, with the opening of the, pioneer for that time, workshop of François Mefsout, grandfather of the current company’s BoD Chairman Mr. Ioannis Nitadoros.

François Mefsout graduated as a Mechanical Engineer in Grenoble, France and at the end of his studies he moved to Heraklion, Greece. With his specialized technical knowledge, he is considered one of the major contributors to the development of the Island of Crete.

In 1951, Eleftherios Nitadoros, Chemical Engineer, joins the family of François Mefsout. Eleftherios Nitadoros was owning a Technical Study Reports Office since 1946, while he was an official representative of Alfa Laval in Crete. Furthermore, between 1951-1980 he hired as the Director and Chief Executive Officer  of the Technical School of Crete, founded by the Chamber of Commerce of Heraklion. For the successful running and operation of the college (became widely known as "Nitadoros Technical School ") with thousands of graduates and for the pioneering engineering studies and investigations , which was patented , Eleftherios considered to be one of the leaders of the industrial staffing and industrial development of Crete.

Simultaneously with the above activities, Eleftherios dealt with the olive oil mill, kept by his father since 1923 in the village of Kastelli, Heraklion. In 1967 he relocated the olive mill to modern premises creating the first 2-phase olive oil mill in Greece, replacing the traditional olive press crushers with complex centrifuge (decanter).

In 1981 Ioannis Nitadoros , son of Eleftherios and current chairman of I. NITADOROS S.A. , began working as a freelancer alongside his father . He graduated from University of West Berlin, West Germany as a Civil Engineer with a Master’s Degree in Traffic and Transportation Engineering. With his active participation, expanded the company's activities in additional areas such as construction (building projects, inducements), traffic and transportation projects, process and production of solid biofuels, production and marketing of P.D.O olive oil and he mainly focused on developing the manufacturing and trading of industrial machinery and equipment.

Following his development, he managed to move company’s headquarters to owned facilities in the Industrial Area of Heraklion and equipped it with modern mechanical equipment and machinery.

In 2011, he installed a production line for process and production of solid biomass from agricultural olive wastes. At the same time, I. Nitadoros S.A. invested in olive oil production, with a modern olive oil mill in Sitia, which produces and trades P.D.O. extra virgin olive oil.

In the company today, alongside Ioannis, are his sons Eleftherios Nitadoros , MSc Civil Engineer and Antonios Nitadoros , MSc Mechanical Engineer , continuing as the fourth generation of the company's activities.