Board of Directors

Ioannis E. Nitadoros

BoD Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Ioannis was born in Heraklion, Crete in 1955 and graduated in 1980 as a Civil Engineer from the Civil Engineering Department of Technische Universitat Berlin, of Western Germany at that time. He completed his studies with a Master of Science Degree in Highway Traffic & Transportation Engineering. He was registered as the 163th member of the Greek Society of Traffic &Transportation Engineers and he is one of the first for that time in Crete.

He served his military service as a Reserve Officer in the Military Construction Department of the Hellenic Army General Staff (HAGS), producing highway and building design & construction reports.

Since 1981, he worked as a freelance Civil Engineer, continuing his family business, next to his father Eleftherios Nitadoros, who was Chemical Engineer and was directing his own Construction Studies and Reports Office since 1946. Eleftherios Nitadoros has been considered one of the major leaders of the industrial development of Crete due to his pioneer, for that time, technology projects and constructions.

As a freelance Civil Engineer, he has designed, supervised & constructed over 100 private building projects, 23 major public highway and traffic & transportation projects and also he has produced over 240 economic and technical reports of foundation, subsidy and modernization of several industries. In addition, he has constructed a large number of residential buildings and since 1999 he is founding member of a technical engineering company with major focus the static strengthening of old listed and maintainable buildings of Public State, hospitals, schools etc. He has cooperated with the Municipality of Heraklion, Crete both as Construction Project Manager and Consultant and he is member of Traffic & Transportation Council.

In 2004, during the Olympic Games in Greece, Ioannis Nitadoros worked as Director of Transport Division of Heraklion, and since 2010, is an elected member of the Board of PanCretan Cooperative Bank.

He is married to Maria Diplaraki-Economist, and has two sons, Eleftherios Nitadoros-MSc Civil Engineer and Antonios Nitadoros- MSc Mechanical Engineer.