Our company, equipped with premium trained technical personnel and modernized mechanical equipment, is revising and refurbishing used olive oil machinery and industrial equipment, providing full guarantee.

Used Olive Oil Machinery Stock

Olive Oil Decanter Flottweg Z42

Olive Oil Decanter Pieralisi Jumbo 2

Olive Oil Decanter Alfa X35

Olive Oil Centrifugal Machinery:

Olive Oil Separator Alfa 507

Olive Oil Separator Pieralisi 1500-2000

Olive Oil Separator Westfalia SA

Olive Oil Processing Equipment:

Two-Storey Olive Paste Kneader

Horizontal Olive Paster Kneaders/Malaxers

Olives Belt Elevators

Olive Leaves Removers

Mono Pumps

Olives Crusher

Olives Washing Machine

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